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Edward B. Shallow Library: Lesson: Using the Library Catalog

Learn How to Search Our Library's Catalog to Create a Library Wish List

See what we have in our library! 

Just because you can't visit the library does not mean you can't have books! 

Create your Library Wish List today!

SWBAT:  Search the library's catalog using several search strategies and generate a Library Wish List of books they would like to check out of the library by doing independently what has been modeled for them by the librarian.

Do Now:  Which of these categories/genres of books look interesting to you?  Pick at least two. 


1.  Access the library catalog by clicking on the image at the top of this page.  

2.  One way you can search the catalog is by using the search bar at the top of the catalog page:    Here, you can search by author, title or subject (think back to the Do Now for some ideas!)

3.  Another way to see what we have in our library is to explore the JHS227 Collections.  

4.  If you need additional ideas for broad search terms, refer to the Dewey Decimal Categories handout below.

5.  Have your My Library Wish List ready to record the Call numbers, titles and authors of the books you want to check out of the library.  If you want to add to your list, use the Continuation Page (also provided below). 

NOTE:  A call number is the "address" of a book in the library.  Call numbers help us locate books on the shelves of libraries.  They are printed on labels and attached to the spines of all the books in a library.  Call numbers can be a combination of numbers and letters (ex.  741.5 TOR) or just letters (FIC ROW or BIO SWI).  Books with call numbers that start with the name of a language are written in that language.

6.  If something looks good to you, click on the cover to see the Title Preview box.

   Notice the Call Number (FIC FLA) under the title of the book.

The Title Preview box for the title above:


7.  If you decide you want the book, record its call #, title and author on your library wish list. NOTE:  The more books you put on your wish list, the better chance you will have of actually getting a book!

Exit Ticket:  Turn in your wish list.  NOTE:  It should have a MINIMUM of five titles on it.