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Edward B. Shallow Library: Lesson: Using ComicsPlus

Lesson: Using ComicsPlus


To #ReadAllTheComics, start building your shelf now!

SWBAT:  Login to the ComicsPlus site, complete several searches and add at least two books to their shelf by doing each of these activities after watching the librarian model each of them. 

Do Now:  Which of these categories/genres of books look interesting to you?  Pick a least three.



1.  Watch the video below.

2.  Open a new tab on your computer and go to the ComicsPlus website using the link that your teacher posted in your google classroom.

3.  Login to ComicsPlus using your DOE username and password

4.  Using the directions from the video, search for your favorite graphic novels/comic books and add at least two titles to your shelf.

5.  If you would like some specific recommendations, click here, then click on the individual boxes for lists on particular topics.

6.  Here are some ways you can explore the site for titles you like:

  • Check out some of the titles on the home page, find books that interest you and add them to your shelf.
  • Click on the CATEGORIES tab, select a category, find books that interest you and add them to your shelf.  Some of the categories you might want to explore are:  Manga, Humor, Thrillers, History, Horror, Biography, Fantasy and Action/Adventure.
  • Click on the POPULAR tab, find books that interest you and add them to your shelf
  • Try these searches as well:  Big Nate, Bone, Avatar, Plants vs. Zombies, Legend of Korra, Star Wars.

EXIT TICKET:  Using the link your teacher posted in your google classroom, complete the ComicsPlus Exit Ticket google form.

If you have time after completing the Exit Ticket for this lesson, start reading one of the books you put on your shelf or continue adding titles to your shelf.


ComicsPlus in the Classroom:

The ComicsPlus website is a terrific resource for independent as well as whole class reading of graphic format novels and nonfiction.  The site has over 20,000 graphic novels and comic books (including biographies, SEL, history, STEAM and classics).  Because all the titles have simultaneous multi-user licenses, all your students can read the same assigned text at the same time, provided they know how to access the site, log in to it and set up a shelf of titles.  The self-directed lesson posted on this page of the library website will achieve these aims. 

Please click here for a small sample of graphic format books you might choose to use with your students.

About the ComicsPlus Lesson:

Thank you for your interest in having your students complete the self directed ComicsPlus lesson.  (Please see the tab to the left of this one for the Lesson Directions for Students.)

In order for your students to be able to complete the lesson and achieve the aims of the SWBAT, they will need the following:

  • The link to login to ComicsPlus (This link cannot be posted on a public site and will have to be posted in your google classrooms.)
  • The link to the google form to complete the ComicsPlus Exit Ticket. (This link will also have to be posted in your google classrooms.  Its only purpose is for me to have some idea which classes have completed the lesson so that I do not duplicate instruction.  I am happy to share this form with you if you like.)

Please email me ( with any questions you may have and for the links your students will need to access through your google classrooms.  

Looking forward...

O. Nesi - Librarian