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Edward B. Shallow Library: Lesson: Using Sora

Lesson: Using Sora

Find all the books you love on Sora!

SWBAT:  Put Sora into their favorites on TeachHub, login to Sora using their DOE credentials, add two books to their Wish List and find one book to borrow by doing each of these activities after watching the librarian model them. 

Do Now:  Which of these categories/genres of books look interesting to you?  Pick at least two. 



1.  Go to:  TeachHub and sign in using your DOE username and password. 

2.  At the top of the page, click on k-12.


3.  Scroll down the page to:  Additional Resources, click on the heart under the Sora app to add it to your favorites.



4.  Go back Home on TeachHub and click on the Sora app (now in your favorites).

5.  Sign in to Sora by clicking on the green button and using your DOE username and password.

6.  Search for some books to read! 

There are three ways to search for books in Sora:

     Using the Search bar 


     Exploring Collections


     Exploring some of the Popular Subjects


7.   If you would like some specific recommendations, click here, then click on the individual boxes for lists on particular topics.


8.  To add a book to a list, click on Add to List, then you can either add the book to your Wish list or you can create a new list.  For this lesson, add two books to your Wish list.


9.  Find one book to borrow and click on Borrow to put it on your shelf. 

10.  To check your shelf, click on the shelf icon at the bottom of the page.  

11.  On your shelf you will see your Loans, Holds, Lists and History.  To review any of these, simply click on them.


EXIT TICKET:  Once you are done adding two books to your Wish List and borrowing one book, please complete the google form EXIT TICKET using the link your teacher posted in your google class.

Additional Sora Tips

To manage your loans and holds: 

1.  Go to your shelf

2.  Click on Options next to the loan you want to manage.

3.  Select the option you want

To remove items from your wish lists:

1. Go to your shelf

2. Open your wish list

2. Click on the title you want to remove 

3.  Click on  to remove it.

To sign out of Sora: 

1. Click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the page:  

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar page that opens up and click on:  

3. If you are sure you want to sign out, click on: 


To add the Sora app to a device (phone or tablet), click here.